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Workers’ Comp Insurance in Gainesville, GA

For small- and medium-sized businesses of all kinds, employees are the greatest asset the business owner has. If your workers are happy, healthy, and properly insured, they will be more satisfied with their work. Conversely, without proper workers compensation insurance, you can find yourself on the receiving end of a substantial lawsuit.

What Is Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is a type of insurance that protects employees in the event that they suffer from an injury, illness, or other ailment as a result of their work. While images of dangerous construction projects may come to mind, workers compensation also applies to typical office situations, such as office workers whose lungs are damaged from poor air quality.

While the specific details of the workers comp insurance will differ from company to company, the fact remains that every job carries certain risks, and the employees who put themselves at risk deserve to have their interests protected.

What Benefits do These Employees Receive?

Employees who are protected by workers compensation insurance can receive a number of benefits. The primary protection is that of medical bills. If an employee needs to go to a hospital, undergoes physical therapy, takes medication, or accrues any other form of medical bill, this compensation will help them pay these bills and stay out of debt.

Employees can also expect to receive at least a portion of their income as they recover. Many employees rely on regular paychecks in order to survive, and the loss of these paychecks could result in missed mortgage payments, nonexistent food budgets, and more. Your employees need to be able to focus on recovery, not bills, so this coverage is vital.

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